Business Marketing

The important action of Business Marketing is to attract customers. After the Holiday season now, its time to think about the growth of business and how can we attract new customers. For the growth of your business, we will start with six small tips that will be proved helpful for you in this New Year.

Go Mobile

Recent research shows more than 80% of people access the web through mobile devices. And 60% of online buyers use a smartphone to purchase stuff online. Smart devices are very handy if we see these in our routine, no desktop or laptops are in need to do communication like emails and social media posts.

That’s why businesses are updating their technologies to meet the user requirements and provide them a customer-centric user experience.

Marketing people use many marketing tactics to catch customer attention. E.g. mobile push notifications, social media ads, mobile apps, and in-apps digital ads to catch people’s attention. So, marketing without targeting mobile devices is a major disadvantage and potential audience loose.

Use videos as a marketing tool

Today internet traffic has a major share of video content. Businesses have a huge conversion rate from promotional video content. In U.S 1.2 billion people watching online videos every day. While 24% of national brands use online videos for marketing.

Video content increases branding and liking of consumer purchases. You can make a series of videos having tips for your customers. You can also create snappy videos having features of your products.

Videos are also an important marketing tool for good branding.

Email Marketing / List Building

Email marketing is an old but very effective tool even today, It’s a great way to keep engage your subscribers and educate them about your products/services, send them relevant promotions.

There are many tools available today which help you to capture subscribers and run effective email marketing campaigns.

  • Pro Tip: Use email marketing to send information for which your subscribers want to see in their inbox. Don’t try to fill the subscriber’s inbox with too many emails. Ideally, you should specify the email frequency as a part of your welcome email. So that people should expect how many emails they are going to receive in a week or so.

Social Media: A Game-Changing Tool

A crowded place where you can find all kinds of audiences. Social media places are always active with millions of active users all the time across the globe. These places can give a really good push to any product or service. To pitch your product or service in this particular segment, you need to think out of the box. How you can catch the attention of your target audience, how your tweet/posts go viral, how your content can perform well and force people to help it go viral.

Before diving into the pool of massive audience, I highly recommend you to do research about what kind of tweets go viral, then create a mater piece of content along with best match image or a video if possible. Use best match hashtags with the post content.

Search Engine Optimization & Local Business Listings

SEO still is one of the most important pillars of digital marketing. It’s a slow process but is very effective in the long run. All you need to identify the right keywords and plan the right SEO strategy to excel in your organic rankings. If you are running Adwords campaigns along with SEO campaigns. There is a good way to optimize your website for the keywords which are converting into the sales and cost higher than other keywords.

Plus don’t forget to list your business as a google business listings. It really helps you to capture local customers who are searching for a business like you in your area.